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Indiana Rivers

Welcome to the new Indiana Rivers website. This is largely a forum based website, but with a twist. We offer easy navigation to the key areas of the forum. Please take a second to sign up for the forum and begin contributing. The key areas to the website are:

  1. River Access point information - this site works closely with www.IndianaOutfitters.com. This site will make it easy to report the condition of access points, find new access points, and discuss general river by river information.
  2. Finding people to paddle with and help with shuttling.
  3. Help in figuring out what pollution issues exist and how they might be resolved. Rivers are vital to Indiana. Vital in every respect, to our economy, our ecology, and our overall well being. It is incalculable how much a river is worth. This site contends that the value is priceless.

Featured River of Indiana - The Wabash River

Find information about Indiana's great Wabash River. Visit the Wabash River section: Wabash River >.

Wabash River - Family fishing on the shoreline